The Doi Moncham @ Moncham, Chiang Mai

23rd November 2020 

Moncham is a place on top of a mountain in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s one of the most popular place for local tourists during winter season (Around Nov – Feb). There are actually quite numbers of accommodations here in Mon Cham but they’re sold out really fast. I made my booking around a month earlier and the tent I got was the last one.

It costs just 1590 THB/night (price depends on seasons, please check with the accommodation, I will put the detail below)

There was not much things to do here but I love it! it’s quiet, peaceful, and the weather was around 19-20 degrees only. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

The accommodation also provided Mookata (BBQ) that you can enjoy it right in front of your tent.

They also provided porridge for breakfast. You know what? the porridge was damn GOOD! having porridge in the cold air while watching the sun rises, best experience ever!

You can contact the accommodation via Facebook Page Thedoi Moncham

Google Map :


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